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Are San Marzanos really the best tomatoes for traditional Italian pizza? Many believe they are, because they have a sweet flavour, less acidity and fewer seeds than traditional tomatoes.

We wanted to know for sure.  And so, we conducted many blind taste tests to determine which tomatoes to use for our Rad Pizza sauce. We ate a lot of tomato sauce.

What we discovered surprised us.  According to our tasters (and our chef!), the best tasting tomatoes ​were Bianca DiNapoli. Bianca DiNapoli tomatoes, grown in northern California, have a fresh, sweet taste because of the long hot summer and fertile soil. The vine-ripened tomatoes are washed, steam peeled, hand sorted and packed within hours of harvest and canned only with basil and sea salt.

​We add some garlic, fresh basil and extra-virgin olive oil.  We are strict about keeping ingredients minimal so the maximum fresh tomato flavour shines through.

Also for you foodies out there, we love the fact that Bianca DiNapoli tomatoes are the result of a 7-year project between Chris Bianco, a James Beard award-winning chef, and the third generation canner Rob DiNapoli to grow tomatoes that would be fabulous on pizza. On top, they are organically grown on Cliff Fong's family farm. 

The sauce really makes the pizza.  We hope you appreciate the love and passion that goes into our sauce and love it as much as we do.