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Rad Pizza is simply uncompromising when it comes to our food. We are so committed to fresh food that you won’t find any freezers at Rad Pizza.  ​

Starting with our sourdough crust.  Our dough is made fresh every day, and aged for a minimum of 48 hours before it is pressed to order right before cooking.  For the crust, we use water and a custom blend of Italian and Canadian flours to feed our 12 year old sourdough starter.  We add a pinch of sea salt and a splash of extra-virgin olive oil. That's it. 
Every single pizza is handmade to order, cooked in our Italian ovens and ready in under 10 minutes.    
Our Cheese:
Our mozzarella supplier is Quality Cheese Inc. It's the most delicious mozzarella that we tasted and no surprise this award-winning local cheese comes from three brothers who are passionate about cheese.  
Quality Cheese mozzarella uses 70,000 litres every day of 100% fresh Ontario milk from Canadian local farmers. There are no preservatives so that means fresh for up to 10-14 days.  Sure, this means more frequent cheese deliveries for ​Rad but you will taste the difference. 

Our Meats:
We love pepperoni, so we set out with our checklist in hand: delicious, local, no artificial flavours or preservatives, and certified lactose, gluten and MSG free.   We were thrilled to find family-owned Venetian Meats right in our backyard in Hamilton, Ontario.  
Venetian Meats was founded by the Del Ballo family from Italy in 1954 and is now owned and operated by Gino Dal Bello.  They cure their meats using traditional ingredients and methods from Italy, but source only from Canadian farms.
Our Rad tasting team unanimously picked Venetian’s pepperoni in a blind taste test – they’re perfectly seasoned and cooked slowly, creating the perfect little bite-sized cups of salty goodness.  We love how the edges get slightly crispy in the oven.   Their spicy Calabrese, made with cayenne and chili peppers, was selected for our Sweet with Heat pizza as the perfect pairing with our own blend of pickled peppers and a chili-infused maple honey.

Our Vegetables:
Being committed to using fresh, local produce as much as possible means our pizzas and salads will change with the seasons.
Spring pizzas and salads with Ontario asparagus, green onions or heirloom carrots?  Why not?  This summer we pickled our house blend of sweet and hot peppers when they were at their freshest, they are enjoyed year-round on our Sweet with Heat pizza.  
We will feature other local vegetables on our summer salads and pizzas: such as onion, garlic, leeks, fresh herbs, tomatoes, peas and corn.  Through the fall and the winter, roasted root vegetables like sweet potatoes and parsnips are the perfect antidote to our cold Canadian winters.